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Characteristics of Instruction


Double Homeroom Teacher and Co-teaching System
Individualized Instruction:

Teachers, parents, professionals, and related administrative personnels work together to plan Individualized Educational Program (IEP) to meet the exceptional needs of students.

Community Instructional Activity:

Tutors design the instructional activities based on the unit topics of LCCE. Such activities will be conducted at least once per semester to improve students' social adaptability.

Vocational Career Education
  Emphasis of Instruction Strategy of Instruction
Junior high
  1. Developing the working attitude.
  2. Improving the working ability baseline.
At least two vocational shaping curricula per semester for each class.
1st grade of senior high
  1. Getting the basic vocational skills
  2. Cultivating the working disciplines.
Proceeding vocational exploration and occupational assessment.
2nd 3rd grade of senior high
  1. Getting the vocational skills.
  2. Developing the working habits/adaptability.
  3. Emphasizing the work-shop training.
Proceeding the specific vocational training in accordance with the assessment.