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Characteristics of School


Counseling Office Professionals
Contents of Services:
  1. Assessing the characteristics of students.New students should be completely evaluated at the beginning of new semester.
  2. Completing assessments of the aims in Rehabilitation Plan, designing Rehabilitation Plan, performing and conducting Rehabilitation Plan.
  3. Offering assistance of running individualized Education Program. (IEP)
  4. Offering assistance of evaluating student’s vocational skills, completing the preparation of employment to support student’s transitions.
  5. Ongoing services during summer and winter vacations, including home-service to increase the bendfits of rehabilitation training.

Vocational Education and Career Placement
Vocational education courses:

There are three fields: personal and daily living skills; community living skills; vocational living skills.

Vocational education and internship
  1. In vocational skills fields, we focus on developing student’s characters knowledge and skills. Helping students transit from the school settings into working places is our destination.
  2. The vocational training procedures is training our students in out-school workshops: the evaluation of vocational skills, the design of vocational courses, and the development of job skills at training stations.
Career placement
  1. The vocational training for students in 2rd and 3rd grade of senior high is combined with community by using setting and equipment in job training stations.
  2. According to supported employment model, students in 3rd grade can be placed in job training stations as full-time workers due to his or her own excellent working performance and the agreement from the employers.
  3. Students in 3rd grade with working skills can be matched and offered working opportunities by vocational counselors and department of labor before graduation.