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The design of this website dedicated to meet accessibility standards,and provide the access key(Accesskey)setting,to help disabled people.
Web accessibility of the site in accordance with the principle of build,Main template content of the site divided into three blocks:
(1) The left column features links(2)The main content area.
The site of the access key﹝ Accesskey,shortcut keys﹞set as follows:
Alt + L:the left column of functional connectivity zone in the left side of the screen are the main link to the website.
Alt + T: links to the main content area of this block in the content area in the picture above the secondary link to this site.
Alt + C:Main content area of this block in the center of the screen, showing the content of each web page.
1.School Brief 5.Characteristics of School
2.Objectives of Education 6.Characteristics of Instruction
3.Target Population of Education 7.Future Prospects
4.Contents of Curriculum 8.Teaching Activities Cluster
National Chiayi Special School A + Web Accessibility Approval