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Future Prospects
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●Diversified Educator’s Specialties Services
1. Diversified educator’s servicing varieties.
2. Professionalized educator’s servicing contents.
●Combination of Community Resources
1. After being established, the whole campus will be open as a recreation site for the public.
2. Running vocational working-shops (such as restaurants, shops, garden, laundry, car-washing site and cleaning site) to develop student’s vocational skills.
3. Assisting the other special education classes in the neighborhood to provide related services.
●An Intellective School for the Mentally Retarded
  The school is actively engaged in developing an Information Integrated System (IIS) and an Information Automation System in order to be an integrated school with rehabilitation and assistive technology center.
●Culture Trait of the School
  Creating a significant cultural values of simplicity,responsibility, optimism, aggressiveness harmony, democracy and efficiency for this school.
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